The Meaning of My Poster


For my poster, I wanted to convince creators of television shows and movies to include more diversity and be inclusive with casts. My poster implies that Hollywood is racist, offensive, and supportive of inequality.

I made this poster to show the creators that yellowface is offensive. Yellowface is when a white person puts on makeup to dress like an Asian. This can be seen in the pictures on the poster that has various white actors wearing insulting makeup and clothes. The picture on the top right from Cloud Atlas shows a terrible use of prosthetic makeup to make the faces of both of the men have squinted eyes and flattened their noses. What makes the prosthetics worse is that they didn’t even do a great job—if the film was going to do yellowface they should’ve at least committed to looking good. The bad makeup somehow makes this feel worse, like they’re doing a caricature of an Asian. Speaking of caricatures, that’s exactly what happened with the How I Met Your Mother cast. They wore cheap Asian-looking clothes and accessorized with other stereotypes for the sake of a bad joke. Typically, the story is never good enough to justify racism.

My poster is showing how Hollywood is a racist industry. I’m poking fun at how they are okay with casually discriminating against Asian actors, which can be seen by the text. By saying “No Asian Actors? No Problem!” makes it sound like yellowface is the quick and easy fix for this simple problem, and Hollywood truly believes that. For years, they’ve been getting by without the use of any Asians for major roles and will keep doing so until audiences call them out on their blatant racism.

Another way my poster shows Hollywood’s racism is with the picture from How I Met Your Mother. The industry was so confident that yellowface was acceptable that they broadcast it on one of the biggest sitcoms at the time. Show creators are sending the message to viewers that it’s okay to be racist if you’re going to be funny about it. If you think about it, this idea of yellowface was green-lighted by the studio, meaning that no one thought to stop the writers to tell them that it might be a little bit racist. It takes a lot of people to get a single episode to air and typically after an episode gets written, it gets looked over by people at the studio, the network, actors, directors, and countless others. This proves that a good number of people working in Hollywood saw this episode before it aired and not a single one of them thought it was problematic.

My poster proves that these white actors in yellowface support inequality. The fact that they accepted these roles that required them to put on offensive stereotypes shows that they don’t care how it affects Asians. It feels like they aren’t acknowledging the struggles that Asians already have to deal with in Hollywood. These actors add to the industry’s lack of diversity by taking on these kinds of roles and characters. Through the pictures I used, my poster shows that specifically white actors are a big part of the problem. All of the characters on my poster are played by white actors. I also made the background color of my poster similar to the complexion of white people because they are the biggest perpetrators of yellowface. I was hoping to be subtle with symbolism of the background.

I hope that viewers of television and movies who see my poster take notice of the extremely racist problems that are occurring in Hollywood and are completely inexcusable.

Picture Sources:

How I Met Your Mother (on the left):

Cloud Atlas (on the right):×0/


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