About Me

SFSU Pillar Photo Courtesy: SFSU

My name is Alzek Barco and I am currently a sophomore attending San Francisco State University. Right now I’m majoring in Cinema, but will switch to Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts because I personally prefer television over movies. I find television so fascinating, because it seems like there aren’t any boundaries on what one can create. It can take on many genres, forms, directions and it never gets old. TV is interesting because one can study human behavior, or history from a certain time period, analyze the storylines, and just get completely lost in a bunch of little well-developed worlds. My favorite type of shows are witty comedies, like It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaRick and Morty, and Nathan For You.

I’m from the Bay Area and was the first one in my family born in the United States, in California, where I’ve been raised my whole life. My older sisters were born in the Philippines, where both of my parents are from. Now, my family currently resides in a small town called San Ramon, which is about an hour away from San Francisco. In my family I have 3 sisters (2 older, 1 younger) and my parents. My two older sisters have reached the end of their college careers just as I have started mine. I learned how I should tackle college from watching them and feel that I know much more from those two. I’m very much a family person, if it wasn’t obvious, and I enjoy every second we spend with each other because we aren’t all at the same place very often.

Here is a selfie I took with my parents and little sister at Universal Studios in LA.

My family at Universal Studios (sans my older sisters).