Hollywood and Diversity

We have finally reached the end of this online series that was initially supposed to be the lack of Asian diversity in Hollywood. In this post, I will give a summary of my topic and how it naturally evolved with each post, starting from whitewashing to hashtag activism to yellowface. In my first posts I …

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Can Hashtags Change Hollywood?

For the next series of posts, I will be discussing the use of hashtags that shine a light on problems within Hollywood. Do trending phrases about Hollywood’s issues, such as #OscarsSoWhite and #StarringJohnCho, actually cause any changes in the industry? Currently, there is much inequality in the film and television industry regarding gender, race, sexuality, …

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Deep Analysis of “Whitewashing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

In the video “Whitewashing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”, the narrator asks why Hollywood whitewashing is still happening today and shows a variety of examples affecting all different races, which deepened my thinking by showing how often it happens to everyone (not just Asians), how filmmakers justify whitewashing, and how movies about minorities …

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